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Why enter the Awards?

The Spirit  Super Business Excellence Awards raise the bar across all aspects of business. They enable you to benchmark against other businesses across various industries. They encourage you to stop and assess what you are achieving and how.

What can you expect?

Many Northern Tasmanian businesses and organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, are demonstrating best practice, resilience and working smarter. The Awards provide a way to convey your achievements to your community, customers and markets.

By entering the Awards you will have an opportunity to gain exposure and recognition and celebrate business excellence.

Providing benefits to your business:

  • Building your profile.

  • Increasing opportunities.

  • Allowing you to network.

  • Providing the chance to win a prestigious award.

  • Providing publicity and recognition.

The Awards encourage your business to:

  • Acknowledge your business’ achievements.

  • Review your business’ performance.

  • Identify core strengths and competitive advantages.

  • Be assessed by independent experts.